Just because electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent doesn’t mean that they are for everybody. In fact, they have several downsides that can immediately be mitigated if you instead go with any of the Mazda cars on the market.

1. They’re Expensive

Have you looked at the price tag for even the smallest electric vehicles? Pretty expensive, right? While prices have dropped over the last few years, they are still more expensive than gas-powered cars. Plus, owners need to purchase a home charging station in order to keep the battery charged, and these are typically well over $1,000.

2. Charging Anxiety

Speaking of charging, finding a public station to juice up a battery can be very difficult. On the other hand, it’s hard to drive anywhere and not pass a gas station or two.

Not to mention the anxiety that comes with charging an EV. If you can’t locate a place to get your battery charged – and you don’t have enough juice to make it home – you could be in trouble.

3. Small Selection

If you like to have a ton of options to choose from when shopping for a vehicle, then it would be best to stick with gas-powered cars. Since EVs are still so new, there really aren’t that many to consider.

Plus, because so many of them are new, it can be especially hard finding any pre-owned models, which means that you’ll need to spend even more money.

Make the Right Car Choice at Freysinger MAZDA

If you’re looking for a great vehicle that fits your budget, an electric car may not be a good option for you. This is why you should visit Freysinger Mazda to check out all of the better models we have in stock.