Even though fall still has a lot of time left, it won’t be long before cold weather arrives in Erie, PA. This is why you should be thinking about ways to be proactive with your vehicle. These are the vital maintenance tasks you’ll want to have done sooner rather than later at our Mazda service center.

Battery Test

When it gets really cold, a battery – and especially if it’s on the older side – can struggle to get a car started. Testing your battery lets you know how much power it has left. If you find out that it’s running low, you can have it replaced.

Tire Inspection

You’ll need all the traction you can get from your tires when our roads become slick with snow and ice. This is why you have to be sure that the treads are deep enough. If they are shallow or even balding, this is dangerous, and you’ll want to get a new set.

Wiper Replacement

How ragged are your wipers looking? After a couple of years, the rubber generally starts fraying. To deal with the harsh winter precipitation, you need to be able to count on your wipers, so it could make sense to have them replaced.

Also be sure that you have plenty of wiper fluid, and that it’s the good stuff that won’t freeze.

Heater Check

When temperatures drop severely, you definitely don’t want to discover that your heater isn’t working properly. Having it looked at to make sure it’s in good condition – and will stay that way – is a smart idea.

If you’d like to schedule these tasks or any others, just get in touch with the service center at Freysinger Mazda.