We all hope we rarely need to bring our Mazda vehicles to an auto repair shop. But if you do find yourself in need of repairs, you can do a lot for your vehicle by choosing the right parts for your repairs, and the right service center to get your parts replaced.

Luckily Freysinger Mazda is her for the parts and service you need. Our staff have created a list of the top five reasons you should always use Mazda parts for your Mazda repairs.

Why Use Genuine Mazda Parts for Repairs and Replacements?

  1. Quality: With Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Mazda parts, you get the same high quality that drew you to your Mazda car or SUV in the first place.
  2. Easy decision making: Instead of having to sort through a variety of brands and pieces and try to assess quality, you can choose the known quantity.
  3. Perfect fit:  Because OEM Mazda parts were made with Mazda models in mind, they’ll be a perfect fit and easily integrate into your vehicle.
  4. Staff expertise. Being experts in Mazda cars also means our staff are experts in Mazda parts, so you can benefit from their experience when you choose OEM Mazda parts.
  5. Warranty coverage:  All genuine Mazda parts are backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty so you can have peace of mind just in case something goes wrong.

MAZDA Repairs near Erie, PA

Whether it’s regular service or a replacement for a worn part, you can get your car or SUV the care and parts it deserves at our Mazda dealership. Erie, PA drivers can call today to schedule their next service appointment!