There’s no better place to bring your Mazda vehicle in for service than Freysinger Mazda. However, most drivers still want to know what to expect from their Mazda service, and what they should look for. That’s why we’re bringing you a Mazda service checklist!

At-Home MAZDA Service Checklist

While our technicians will always check things like batteries, fluids, and filters, there are some things you can check from home to stay ahead of what maintenance your vehicle needs.

About every month or so, you can pop the hood of your Mazda car or SUV and go through this checklist:

  • Oil Levels: Just pull out the dipstick and see if your oil levels are good or if it’s time to come by for an oil change.
  • Tire Tread: Stick a penny in the tire tread with Lincoln’s head pointing down. If the top of his head is out of sight, you’re good. If you can see his whole head, schedule a visit to Freysinger Mazda for new tires!
  • Lights: You don’t want to be caught in the dark without working headlights or tail-lights!  Have someone stand outside your vehicle and check to make sure they’re all working!
  • Air Filter: A lot of drivers don’t realize how easy it is to inspect their air filter. Check your owner’s manual for instructions and take a peek to make sure your filter is still clean enough to do its job.

MAZDA Service near Carlisle, PA

Whether it’s a tire rotation, new filters, or new parts, you can find what you need at our Mazda car service center. Call Freysinger Mazda today to take advantage of fast and easy service, specially trained technicians, and genuine Mazda parts!