The Mazda service available here at Freysinger Mazda can make all the difference. We personalize and customize service tasks to fit your vehicle’s needs, and we adjust service options for the season, as well. Schedule summer service you can rely on at our dealership today.

What Service Tasks Does My MAZDA Need for Summer?

With routine service and care, you can keep your vehicle safe and efficient on every summer road trip or beach day with the family. Here are some essential service tasks we offer for summer at Freysinger Mazda.

Coolant and A/C

You want to make sure that both your engine and interior are properly cooled down. Coolant keeps the engine cool, which prevents overheating on hot summer days, so we’ll check your coolant levels and fill, as needed. A/C helps to protect the passengers in the vehicle, so we also make it a point to inspect and upgrade the air conditioning system in the summer.

Battery Inspection

The battery on your Mazda vehicle has a life of three to five years, but batteries can often lose capacity in extreme hot and cold temperatures. We’ll inspect your battery early on, so you know if you need to replace it for summer.

Hose and Belts

Your Mazda vehicle relies on a series of hoses and belts to run, but they’re also susceptible to more intense environmental conditions. That’s why our Mazda service team will check for signs of cracks, damage, or wear, and replace hoses and belts, if needed.

Tire Service

Extreme temperatures can affect the pressure of your tires, either causing them to expand or drag on the road. We’ll make sure your tires are properly filled, free of damaged, and rotated, if needed, so you can have a safer and more efficient ride, no matter where the next adventure might lead.

Whether you’re looking for summer service or winter tires, Freysinger is the dealership you know you can rely on. Schedule the care that will protect your vehicle all season long at our Mazda service center today.