Financing is often one of the least fun parts of buying a new car. At Freysinger Mazda, we know that, which is why our Mazda finance experts are here to make the process as simple as possible.

Today they’re weighing in with some advice on what to ask before taking the plunge on that Mazda sedan or hatchback for sale.

Three Mazda Finance Questions to Ask

Whether you’re asking yourself or dealership staff, there are some important questions when it comes to financing your next Mazda car or SUV.

1. Should I Lease or Buy?

This is a big question with a lot of factors, but in general, leasing is a good option for lower monthly payments and a shorter time with the vehicle. However, purchasing allows you to build equity and take full ownership of your car.

2. How much Can and Should I Put Down?

Take a look at your budget and savings to decide how much you can put down, and how much you want to. A larger down payment means lower payments over time or paying off your vehicle more quickly, but of course means a bigger hit up front.

3. How much will I Pay in Interest?

This will vary based on what your interest rate is as well as the finance period you choose, and our experts can talk you through all of it!

MAZDA Vehicles and Finance near Erie, PA

These questions are just the start of your finance journey, and you can find the help you need for the rest of it at our Mazda dealership. Erie, PA drivers can focus on the fun parts of buying a car when they visit Freysinger Mazda!