When it comes to capable, luxurious, and fuel-efficient cars, Freysinger Mazda has you covered. We believe the right vehicle should be easy to maintain and drive, which means great fuel efficiency and savings at the pump. That’s why we’re sharing the best tips and tricks for boosting the fuel efficiency in your favorite Mazda vehicle.

How to Improve your Fuel Economy

The Mazda vehicles available here at Freysinger Mazda are already operating at high capacity, but you can boost efficiency on every ride with a few simple steps. Here are some easy ways to make the most of your mileage in a new or pre-owned Mazda from our dealership:

Remove Excess Cargo

New Mazda vehicles come with impressive cargo space and carrying capacity, but it’s a good idea to remove any extra cargo when possible. Excess weight can put unnecessary pressure on the vehicle and reduce fuel efficiency in the long and short-term.

Consider Your Driving Environment

Different driving environments can impact different parts and systems in your vehicle. If you notice a sudden decrease in fuel efficiency, look at where you do most of your driving and try to adjust. Higher speed roads, like highways, can boost efficiency and save you money.

Fill Your Tires

It’s important to keep your tires properly inflated for many reasons, including fuel efficiency. Properly filling your tires can boost mileage by more than 3%.

Schedule Service

Routine Mazda service keeps your vehicle in the best possible condition, which means it operates efficiently on every ride. Schedule tire service, oil changes, filter changes, and more, and begin seeing big savings today.

Head to Freysinger MAZDA

For more ways to boost efficiency and to take your first test drive in a fuel-efficient new car, come down to Freysinger Mazda in Mechanicsburg today.