Right now, you probably love driving your Mazda vehicle. These spunky cars have potent engines and outstanding handling. But, in order for them to remain in great condition, regular Mazda service is crucial, and special attention has to be put on the engine. Here Freysinger Mazda discusses what happens if you neglect this.

The Basics of Engine Service

The nice thing about your engine is that it doesn’t actually require a ton of service. The most important maintenance task is oil changes. Oil plays a major role with the health of an engine, as it prevents corrosion and helps keep it cool. It also ensures that the moving parts get adequate lubrication.

Another component of engine service could involve changing the spark plugs. However, generally this isn’t something you need to worry about often, as they can last up to 100,000 miles.

The Consequences of Neglecting Engine Service

You should make a point to have your oil changed about every six months. If you wait much longer to do this – or skip it altogether – bad things will occur. First of all, the power in your car will be noticeably lacking, as old and thick oil will hurt the engine’s performance. You will also end up needing to get gas more often, as a lack of oil changes hurts the efficiency of the engine.

Eventually, the oil in your engine could get so thick that it will cause a breakdown. If that were to happen, you will be looking at a major repair or perhaps even the need for a new engine.

Get the Engine Service You Need in Mechanicsburg, PA

As you can see, neglecting service for your engine is a bad idea. If your car is due, get in touch with the service center at Freysinger Mazda.