There’s been a change in the auto industry over the last decade or so. Hybrid vehicles and full electric cars are now very common, if not widely driven yet.

While governments and carmakers themselves are putting mandates in place for more sustainable autos, gas-powered vehicles – including Mazda cars – will still be around for the foreseeable future for a number of reasons.

They’re Cheaper

While the prices of electric cars have come down over the years, for many people, they are still cost prohibitive. Many new gas-powered vehicles can be found for under $25,000, which can’t be said of EVs.

They Offer a Bigger Variety

If you have looked at any EV inventories, you probably didn’t see a big selection. Though many new models have come out in recent years, there just aren’t that many to pick from. If you like variety, a gas-powered car is still the way to go.

There’s a Much Larger Used Inventory

If you’re in the market for a used car, good luck finding an EV. Even if you do find one, there’s a good chance that it will be out of your price range. With gas-powered cars, on the other hand, you should have little trouble locating one that fits your budget.

Many People Don’t Feel the Need to Switch

While gas prices have been crazy, for the most part, they are still very affordable. As a result, many drivers aren’t thinking about swapping their gas-powered cars for EVs. Plus, they could be perfectly happy with their vehicles and don’t mind having to fill up once in a while.

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