Most of us don’t have the means to walk into a Mazda dealership and pull out a wad of cash to pay for a vehicle. Fortunately, this isn’t necessary, as financing lets you pay off your car over time.

The first step in the Mazda finance process is to get pre-approved for your loan, and here Freysinger Mazda offers three helpful tips.

Look at Your Credit Report

Because credit plays a big role when applying for a loan, the first thing you should think about doing is getting your credit report. In addition to seeing your score, this lets you look for possible errors. If you are able to find something incorrect and get it fixed, this could boost your score significantly.

Pay Off or Pay Down Your Debt

While a lower credit score shouldn’t prevent you from getting a loan, it could result in a high interest rate. This is why raising your score should be a priority. In addition to fixing errors on your credit report, paying off debt completely or at least getting rid of things like credit card bills could really help.

Use a Co-Signer on Your Loan

Your lender wants to be as sure as possible that you will pay back the money they will give you. You can give them reassurance by using a co-signer on your loan. Having someone sign with you who has a good credit score will make it easier to get a loan, and it could also result in a lower interest rate.

Freysinger MAZDA Makes the Financing Process Simple

If you’re ready to get the Mazda finance process started, our Mazda dealership in Mechanicsburg, PA, makes it easy. Just fill out our online application and someone from our financing department will get back to you shortly.