Quite a few parts in your Mazda car need to work together in order for the vehicle to operate properly. Just getting things turned on requires a lot of work from several different Mazda parts. One of these is the alternator, and here Freysinger Mazda discusses what it does and signs that it could be in trouble.

The Job of the Alternator

To get your car started, basically two components are needed: the battery and starter. However, the alternator also plays a key role. Once the vehicle is on, its job is to keep it on. It also supplies power to a variety of places, including the lights, stereo, and windshield wipers. On top of that, the alternator also helps keep the battery charged when driving.

Warning Signs with Your Alternator

While you may never need to replace your alternator, they can go bad. These are the red flags you don’t want to ignore:

Car Won’t Start

Obviously if you can’t even get your vehicle on, this is a big problem. While the battery or starter may be the problem, the alternator could be the culprit. If you jumpstart the battery and it dies soon afterwards, the alternator is probably the issue.

Lights are Too Bright or Too Dim

Inconsistent power is another sign that the alternator is failing. This could show itself with lights that are too bright or too dim. If the lights flicker, this is another sign that something is off with the alternator.

Burning Smell

Finally, if you notice a burning rubber smell, this could tell you that the alternator is being overworked. When this happens, it can cause wires to fray, which can cause a burning odor.

Get Your Alternator Checked Out

If you suspect something is wrong with your car’s alternator, it’s important to act. Make an appointment with the service center at our Mazda dealership in Mechanicsburg, PA, to have it looked at by the pros.