These days, everybody and their uncle seems to be focused on buying an electric vehicle. And, it’s possible that this includes you. But, before you trade-in your current car for an EV, there are some things to think about.

Here Freysinger Mazda goes over why gas-powered vehicles like Mazda cars still have many advantages.

Cheaper Option

While it’s true that the price of EVs has dropped, by and large, they are still a lot more expensive than vehicles that run on gas. This is especially evident with pre-owned models.

Because electric cars are still pretty new, there is not a big inventory of older EVs. With a gas-powered vehicle, however, you can always find an extensive amount of pre-owned cars going back many years.

Easier Fueling

Chances are good that you’ve seen some charging stations around town. But, how many more gas stations do you regularly encounter? Fueling a car with gas is typically a lot easier – and faster – than charging up a battery. And putting in a home charging station generally costs well over $1,000.

Better Peace of Mind with Repairs

Because EVs haven’t been out for very long, this means that many technicians aren’t too familiar with them yet. As a result, owners may have a tough time finding the right pros for a repair or replacement. With a gas-powered car, however, getting an expert fix is usually simple.

Make the Smart Buying Choice at Freysinger MAZDA

Now that you know why a vehicle that runs on gas is still superior to an EV, visit our Mazda dealership in Mechanicsburg, PA. We’ll show you all the new and pre-owned cars in stock and help you pick out the perfect one.