In Mechanicsburg, we’re in a weird time of year. While it’s still hot, we all know that the cold weather will be here soon. This is why to deal with both types of extreme temperatures, the HVAC system in your Mazda car has to be in great shape, and this may require some Mazda service. Here Freysinger Mazda goes over common issues that can arise in different places.


If your car isn’t giving you the right climate, the controls may be to blame. Over time, they can get stuck or clogged, in which case they will need to be cleaned. In some instances controls can also go bad, and if this happens, they will have to be replaced.


A thermostat also gets worn down the more you use your system, and it can get stuck in the open or closed position. While it may be able to be fixed, it’s usually more cost-effective to just get a new one.


Grease, dirt, and grime can accumulate in a number of places in your Mazda car. And when this happens in the coolant system, the coolant won’t be able to flow smoothly, which affects the temperature in the vehicle. Fortunately, a coolant flush is usually a pretty quick fix.

Electrical Components

If none of the above issues are the reason why your heating and cooling system isn’t working well, it’s time to look at electrical components. Loose wires, worn-out fuses, or a faulty fan motor are all things that can affect how it operates.

Freysinger MAZDA Will Make Sure Your Heating and Cooling System Works Well

If something is wrong with the heating and cooling system in your car, the service center at our Mazda dealership in Mechanicsburg, PA, will figure out the problem and make the right repair or replacement. Contact us to schedule an appointment.