When you’re ready to begin test-driving used cars in Mechanicsburg, you’ll want to make Freysinger Mazda the dealership you turn to first. We believe that great cars should come at great prices, which is why we carry a wide inventory of pre-owned vehicles to pick from.

It’s also why we’re sharing tips and tricks for finding the best pre-owned vehicles for all your driving needs.

What Should I Look for in a High-Mileage Used Car?

You might be wondering if purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is the right option for you, but the truth is that there are many benefits to buying pre-owned. Our cars are built better than ever, and you’ll be able to find a high-mileage vehicle you can keep enjoying for years to come.

Here’s what you’ll want to look for when test-driving high-mileage pre-owned vehicles:

  • Exterior Damage: Before getting into a vehicle, check for signs of damage or wear. Not all damage is a dealbreaker, but you’ll want to know in advance about any services or repairs you might need. If you see signs of rust, move onto the next vehicle option.
  • Starting, Stopping, and Steering: You always want to test out the vehicle’s responsiveness on and off the road. Pay attention to how it turns over, the ease with which it brakes, and how quickly it turns at your command.
  • Instruments and Features: Once in the vehicle, check out the amenities and features. Explore comfort and entertainment options, and make sure everything is working right, so you can enjoy the ride.
  • Service and Accident History: The more you know about a vehicle before you buy, the easier it will be to maintain and care for. Look at the Mazda service history to see how the vehicle was cared for, and ask about accidents, so you’ll know if you need to make any big repairs in the future.

For more information on purchasing pre-owned and to find your next pre-owned vehicle, schedule a test drive at Freysinger Mazda today.