The Mazda repair and service process is easy here at Freysinger Mazda. We’re dedicated to keeping your vehicle safe on every ride, and to getting it back on the road after damage and wear. Here’s a look at Mazda suspension needs and common signs that your Mazda vehicle needs suspension care.

Mazda Suspension Repair

When it comes to routine car service and essential repairs, the more you know, the easier it will be to get the care your vehicle needs. Here are the top five signs to indicate that your Mazda vehicle needs suspension repair or service:

  1. It Pulls When Driving: If your vehicle pulls or drifts to the right or left when driving, that may be a sign that your suspension needs care. Pulling can also be related to the tires or the brakes or may be a combination of factors.
  2. The Tire Wear is Uneven: Our tires can give us important information about a vehicle’s overall health and wellness. If your tires are wearing down unevenly, that means the car is favoring one side, likely due to a damaged or worn suspension.
  3. The Ride is Rough: The suspension is designed to keep every drive smooth and to absorb road impact and cannot do its job properly when it becomes worn or damaged.
  4. Your Suspension is Leaking: Look at the shocks or struts under your vehicle. If they appear to be shiny or oily, that means they’re leaking fluid and no longer working effectively. We’ll help you find the cause of the leak and repair or replace, as needed.
  5. The Bounce Test: Push down on first the front and then the rear of your new Mazda. If your car bounces more than two or three times after you remove the weight, the suspension is no longer absorbing impacts effectively and should be repaired.

Get the Mazda suspension support you need at Freysinger Mazda in Mechanicsburg today.