Finding the right auto parts is just one of the steps needed to keep your vehicle safe, efficient, and responsive on every ride. Here at Freysinger Mazda in Mechanicsburg, we provide the rest. That means trustworthy and reliable service and the information and resources you need to know about your vehicle and parts, like when your transmission needs servicing.

Signs Your Transmission Needs Service

Your transmission allows you to change gear, which ensures that your engine isn’t revving too high. Most modern cars come with an automatic transmission that changes gears on its own, but performance vehicles and some trucks and SUVs are still available with manual transmissions, if you prefer the driver control.

No matter what kind of transmission you have, it’s important to properly care for and service it regularly. Here are a few signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a transmission inspection:

  • Your Car Isn’t Shifting Properly: Even if you have an automatic transmission vehicle, you can tell when the car isn’t shifting into gear the way it’s supposed to. Check the tachometer for a rev count and pay attention to how quickly the car is moving.


  • You Hear Grinding or Squealing: Any time you hear grinding or squealing coming from your vehicle, you’ll want to bring it in for an inspection. Transmission grinding can result from contamination, low transmission fluid, or damage.


  • The Gear is Slipping: Gear slipping happens when the car can’t stay in the right gear. This is usually caused by dirt and debris build up or low transmission fluid levels and can be very dangerous, so you want to get it inspected right away.

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