The right Mazda parts can extend the life of your vehicle, keep you safe, and help you save money. That’s why our team here at Freysinger Mazda carries a wide collection of high-quality parts and accessories, and why we’re sharing all you need to know about essential parts, like the alternator.

MAZDA Alternator at a Glance

The alternator in your vehicle works with the battery to keep the interior and exterior electrical systems running. It charges the battery when you drive, which makes it possible to turn the vehicle on, use the electric steering system, and utilize other electric features like power windows, headlights, and the dashboard instruments.

Because the alternator is such an important part in your vehicle, it’s useful to be able to recognize signs of wear or damage, including some of the following.

Your Battery is Dead

The alternator works to recharge the battery when driving. While a dead battery may indicate a problem with the battery, itself, it can also be a sign that the alternator isn’t properly delivering power.

Your Lights Are Dim

If you notice the interior lights or headlights are dim, it may be an indication that your alternator is struggling or disconnected. This is especially true when driving since the alternator should be charging the battery when you drive.

The Engine Starts and Dies

The battery can be used to start the engine, but if the engine dies shortly after, that means there isn’t enough power being delivered to the battery. If the vehicle cannot start under its own power and needs a jumpstart, it may also indicate a weak battery due to a failing alternator.

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