When it’s time for your next Mazda oil change, Freysinger Mazda has the talent, parts, and information you need. We’re not just here to help you keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape. We also want to provide the information and resources you need to care for and maintain your car between service appointments. Here’s a look at Mazda oil leaks, why they happen and how you can prevent them.

What Causes Oil Leaks?

Routine oil changes are essential for keeping your vehicle safe and efficient, but leaks can still happen. Here are a few of the reasons you may be noticing oil leaks from your vehicle:

  • Cracked or broken seals
  • Worn or old gaskets
  • Missing or loose oil pan drain plug
  • Poor connections and loose seals

Why Should I Get Oil Leaks Fixed Right Away?

It’s important to bring your vehicle down for care and service as soon as you notice an oil leak. The oil in our vehicle helps to keep the engine cool and prevents the Mazda parts and pieces from rubbing together or grinding when you drive.

If your vehicle is leaking oil quickly enough, it can cause your car to overheat and create friction between essential parts and systems. When the issue reaches an extreme, it may even cause your vehicle to seize or stall out when driving.

How Can I Prevent Oil Leaks?

Preventative care is the best care when it comes to your vehicle. You can reduce the risk of developing oil leaks by scheduling routine oil changes and service at our dealership, inspecting your vehicle regularly, and getting any oil issues addressed as soon as they occur.

Freysinger Mazda is here to help every step of the way. Get the oil change care you and your vehicle deserve in Mechanicsburg today.