If you’ve never bought a car before, you may be a little intimidated when walking into a dealership. It’s important to remember, however, that you have a lot of power. It’s also good to keep in mind that many things are negotiable, including the price of a pre-owned Mazda car.

Tips for Getting a Lower Price

Right now, the price of pre-owned vehicles is still high compared to where they were a few years ago. This is why you should be prepared to see how low a dealership is willing to go. For the most part, the prices you see in online inventories are as low as they can go, as dealers are eager to sell older vehicles to make room for new ones. However, typically there are fees related to buying a car, and often these are negotiable. 

Using Your Trade-In as a Bargaining Chip

Older vehicles are in high demand at dealerships, so it’s with your trade-in that you have your most negotiating power. The first thing you should do is find out how much it is worth. It may be a good idea to fix any minor problems or cosmetic issues to raise its value. Then once you bring it down to the dealership and they take a look at it, you can gauge their offer and see if they’d be willing to go higher.

Freysinger MAZDA Wants You to Get the Most for Your Money

At Freysinger Mazda, we offer the lowest prices on all our vehicles. Plus, we aim to give our customers top dollar for their trade-in cars. Check out our online inventory and then come see us to find the right Mazda for you.