Don’t we all love those little signs that service technicians put on our windshield to remind us of when it’s time for an oil change? But they’re only a guide, so there are some other things to look out for.

When you know it’s time, bring your Mazda vehicle in for an oil change in Mechanicsburg, PA at Freysinger Mazda

Five Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

In addition to watching the mileage and keeping track of how long it’s been since your last oil change, here are a few other signs your Mazda SUV or car might be due.

  • Noisy Engine: Your engine will be much quieter with fresh, clean oil properly lubricating everything than when the oil is dirty and ready to be changed.
  • Low Oil Levels: You can check your oil yourself using the dipstick. Low oil levels could either require a top off or a full change, so be sure to consult a technician at our Mazda service center!
  • Dirty Oil: This is another thing you can check yourself using a dipstick. Fresh oil is light and golden, but the more use it gets the darker and dirtier it becomes. Dark brown or black oil should be changed immediately!
  • Excessive Exhaust: This could mean you need an oil change, or there’s an oil leak, or even a more serious engine problem. If you notice a lot of smoke from your tailpipe, get to our Mechanicsburg, PA Mazda dealership ASAP!
  • Ticking Noises: Especially when you start your vehicle, can indicate that your valves are working harder than usual to circulate dirty oil. That, or your engine parts are not being properly lubricated.

MAZDA Oil Changes in Mechanicsburg, PA

Oil changes are an under-appreciated part of keeping your Mazda vehicle running smoothly. Luckily at Freysinger Mazda, we can help with fast, efficient oil changes and expert help identifying problems. Schedule a visit with our service center today to learn more!