In addition to loving how your Mazda performs, you probably also love how it looks. This is why, along with regular Mazda service, you should do things to keep your vehicle’s exterior in great condition, and this means avoiding rust.

Paying Attention

You should make a point to look at your car closely often. If you see that the clear coat is starting to flake or that the paint is peeling in certain places, you need to act.

When this happens, water will seep in, and this is how rust forms. A basic clear coat or paint touch-up can immediately prevent water from causing havoc.

Rinsing off the Salt

Now that we’re headed into the cold months in Harrisburg, you know what that means: ice and snow will soon coat our roads.

While those salt trucks are certainly a welcome sight, that salt can really damage your car. This is why it pays to rinse off your car on a regular basis.

Wash and Wax

Another way to avoid rust is to keep your car clean. While dirt won’t lead to rust, if it damages the clear coat and paint, this could result in water getting in.

A great way to protect your car’s exterior is by having your car waxed. An added bonus is that it prevents the paint color from fading.

Don’t Ignore Rust on Your Car

If you’ve spotted rust on your vehicle or issues that could lead to rust, get in touch with the service center at Freysinger Mazda. We can take care of any problem and help you keep your car looking like new.