If you’re wondering, “where can I order Mazda parts near me?” then look no further than Freysinger Mazda. Our vehicles are comprised of a wide collection of essential parts and systems that all work together to make the vehicle run.

Here’s a look at some of the most important parts in your vehicle and how they contribute to the function of the car.

1. Engine

The engine is actually comprised of many different parts, including pistons, a cylinder block and cylinder head, camshaft, and more. When all these parts are running efficiently, they create combustion that helps to propel the vehicle forward, allowing for movement on the road.

2. Transmission

The transmission in your vehicle ensures that the power produced by the engine is evenly distributed to all four wheels and tires. As the speed of the engine, measured in revolutions per minute, increases, the transmission will shift into higher gears.

3. Brakes

In addition to starting and running your Mazda vehicle, you’ll also need to be able to bring it to a complete stop. That’s why properly maintained brakes can make all the difference, and why we routinely inspect your Mazda vehicle brakes and replace the brake pads if they begin to show signs of wear or damage. 

Find MAZDA Parts at Freysinger MAZDA

You can learn more about these important Mazda parts and the other systems and programs that make your vehicle run right here at Freysinger Mazda. Order parts or schedule service you can rely on at our dealership today.