With Mazda Full Circle Inspection service, every ride is a good ride. It’s a good rule to schedule comprehensive vehicle inspection service at least every 12 months to make sure your vehicle is running as safely and efficiently as possible.

In addition to checking your auto manual for inspection scheduling guidelines, look into your regional requirements, as well, since many places require inspections for registration or renewals. Here’s a closer look at some of the services offered during a comprehensive vehicle inspection at Freysinger Mazda.

Interior and Exterior Service

Our team will go over the large and small parts and accessories that make up your vehicle to make sure there’s no signs of visible damage or corrosion. We’ll check the glass, test the windshield wipers and exterior lights, and fill up wiper fluid, if needed.

Other Fluids

In addition to wiper fluid, your new or pre-owned Mazda vehicle relies on oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. We’ll check levels, look for signs of potential leaks or fluid loss, and fill, as needed.

Steering System

Responsive steering is key to safe driving, which is why we make a steering system inspection such a priority. We’ll check out and repair or replace individual parts within the steering system, like steering linkages and bearings, to make sure you have the handling capacity you can rely on.

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