Anyone who’s had to search “Mazda tires near me” and pay for new tires knows it’s not something you want to do more than necessary. Uneven wear, bad roads, and even the weather can all affect the tires on your Mazda vehicle and lead to you needing replacements. So what can you do to try and make them last as long as possible?

Don’t Skip the Tire Rotations

Tire rotations switch which tires go where on your car, which lets them wear down more evenly and in turn, increase their lifespan. Your tires should be rotated every 5,000-7,000 miles, so be sure to ask about it when you come in for an oil change or other maintenance.

Alignment and Balance are Key

Our Mazda technicians can make sure your wheels are aligned – another way to help your tires wear more evenly – and even check the balance.

Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

Proper tire inflation is yet another way to help your tires wear more evenly, but this is important for other reasons as well. Over or under-inflated tires might not perform as well, and low tire pressure could indicate a leak in your tire that could cause problems on the road.

MAZDA Tires and Service near Harrisburg, PA

Tires are sometimes overlooked, but of course they’re critical to driving and staying safe in all our vehicles, like a Mazda CX-5 or Mazda3. Harrisburg, PA drivers can get their tires the care they need, and new tires when it’s time, right here at Freysinger Mazda.