If you’re looking to buy a car, you may be thinking of going with an electric model. This may not be the best idea, however. Here are three reasons why it could make the most sense to stick with a gas-powered vehicle, like any of the new or used Mazda cars.

1. Money

Don’t have a lot of money to spend on your car? Then you don’t want to look at electric vehicles. By and large these models are still very expensive. Conversely, cars that run on gas are generally a lot cheaper.

2. Selection

While there have been several electric cars that have come on the market on recent years, there still aren’t that many available. With a gas-powered vehicle, you will have several to pick from. And aside from a variety of makes and models, you will have a big selection of pre-owned cars to look at.

3. Fuel

How many gas stations can you think of right now that are in your area? Probably quite a few, right? Now, how many charging stations can you think of? Any at all?

This is one of the big challenges for owners of electric vehicles, as finding a charging station can be difficult. And if you want to have one installed in your home, even if your home is set up for it, it could cost you well over $1,000.

Find the Right Vehicle at Freysinger MAZDA

As you can see, it’s still a wise idea to stay with a gas-powered car. To find the perfect new or used vehicle for you, come down to Freysinger Mazda.