Picking your favorite Mazda truck, sedan, or hatchback for sale is one of the most fun parts of the car buying process. Less fun, but equally important, is working out financing for your car.

Here at Freysinger Mazda, we want to make that process as easy as possible with everything from expert help to special Mazda finance offers. Today we’re going to dig in to some of your options for financing your new Mazda model.

Lease or Purchase?

The two biggest ways to finance your Mazda car or SUV are to purchase the model and pay it off in installments or to lease a vehicle for a period of time, then return it at the end of the lease period and choose your next model.

  • Purchasing: Perfect for drivers who want a car that will stick with them. A vehicle you own can be re-sold, passed on to children, or just driven as long as you can keep it running. And you’ll build equity as you pay down the vehicle and eventually own it outright.
  • Leasing: A better option if you’re looking for lower monthly payments and anticipate upgrading within a few years. While you won’t build equity, you also won’t have to worry about resale value or when to go shopping for your next vehicle.

Financing at Freysinger MAZDA

Choosing between leasing and buying is just the beginning, and our finance experts at Freysinger Mazda can make the rest of the process easy. Here are a few ways we help you get the right financing for your new Mazda vehicle:

  • Financial advisors to help you figure out the best option for your budget and credit
  • Online finance applications
  • Specials and finance offers, including on some of our most popular models

Financing doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, it can be downright easy at our Mechanicsburg Mazda dealership!